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      Two new releases in 2020!

       I’m excited about two new books planning to be released later in 2020:

Library For All publishers of digital content for chidlren Gannadoo A BOOK inclusive publishing of picture books
Look out for Library For All’s new Pacific catalogue where my little counting book called “You Can’t Scare Me” will feature. I’m now working on the illustrations for a fun romp about mobile devices with  “Nippin Parpippin


Check out the current published works and illustrations, and find out where you can get them from below. 

Published by Gannadoo: logo publisher of Spotty Dotty
Spotty Dotty picture book

October 2019

Spotty Dotty is a young blind owl that can do all the things the other owls can, except for one thing… Spotty Dotty cannot see. Life is hard for Spotty Dotty because all the games the other owls play Spotty Dotty just can’t seem to get right. When a new friendship sparks, Spotty Dotty learns that there’s another way to play.

ISBN: 9780648566229 Hardcover
ISBN: 9780648566205 Paperback


Published by Share Your Story:
Share Your Story Publishing
Thrilling Tales for Brave Kids; a spooky anthology

Anthology: October 2019

A murder of crows; poem

“There’s a big black crow,
out my small window,
sitting high up in a tree.
I close my eyes.
A second ticks by.
I look and now there’s three.”
You can read the whole dastardly poem in the anthology.

ISBN: 0648227065 Paperback


Published by Library For All:
Library For All logo
Summertime Storm by Kayt Duncan

January 2019

“Summertime, where I live, is storm season. “

Find out what happens when the big storms decide not to stay out at sea and come in for a quick play.

ISBN: 192586376X Paperback


Martha Fellows Marvellous Marshmallows

October 2018

“The best thing Martha Fellows loves about camping with dad is…
campfire toasted marshmallows. “

What happens when dad’s campfire gets just a little too hot?

ISBN: 1925863263 Paperback